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Expressing the gifts of God’s love through the jobs of one Christian

Christian gifts jobs

One of the jobs of any Christian throughout history has been to share his or her gifts of faith and blessings with other human beings. Rooted in Christianity, Valentine’s Day exemplifies one Christian man’s dedication to fulfilling one of his jobs of sharing the gifts of God’s love.

Many stories abound regarding the origins of Valentine’s Day. One of the earliest details the life of a Roman Priest named Valentine who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius II.

One of Valentine’s jobs, or gifts as he believed, was to perform weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Emperor Claudius believed that a married man did not make a good soldier.

Furthermore, Christianity was outlawed during Claudius’ reign and anyone caught spreading God’s word were persecuted. Valentine was no exception.  Upon learning of the services he was performing throughout Rome, Claudius had Valentine arrested and attempted to persuade him to convert to Paganism. Valentine refused and was sentenced to die.

The Miracle of a Saint and his Gifts of Love

The night before his execution, Valentine continued performing one of the most important jobs of his life: spreading the word of God. It is reported that Valentine healed the blind daughter of his jailer, Asterius. So impressed by Valentine’s gifts of healing his daughter and giving her the ability to see, Asterius and his entire household converted to Christianity.

Cards and Hearts and Expressions of Faith

Providing jobs for millions of greeting card writers and heart-shaped box makers are the reasons many people think Valentine’s Day exists. On the contrary, there are reports that Valentine, while performing marriage ceremonies for Roman soldiers, would give them hearts cut from parchment paper to remind them of their vows and God’s love.

In addition, the night before his execution, Valentine was said to have penned the first Valentine’s card in the form of a letter to the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, which he signed from “Your Valentine.” This is believed to be the origin of the expression “From Your Valentine.”

This story of St. Valentine represents just one example of what happens when a person dedicates his life to sharing the blessings of God and Christianity. Remember to share your faith with the ones you love, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

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